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Custom Orders

Need a product that we don't (yet) offer? We can likely get it for you! 

Whether you're searching for an item in a specific color, a special packaging configuration, custom logo printing, etc. we're here to help. 

When your organization needs equipment it can be daunting, extremely time-intensive, and potentially risky to find the right products. 

At Amston, we have developed a network of reliable manufacturers we trust to provide equipment with the appropriate quality control regulations, testing, and certifications. 



How many units will I need to order for a custom order? 

Typically the minimum order size for a custom product is 1,000 units. Simply Contact Us for a custom quote to see what makes the most economical sense for your business.


What is the minimum order size for logo printing?

Custom logo printing or stitching is available for certain products. Simply Contact Us with details about your printing needs so we may give you an accurate quote. 

We're here to help

Get custom order products specifically for your organization's needs.

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